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The study conducted for the reality that more intstitutions of both state and private in Blitar have been using based-computer IT service. It means to help the process in anything related to management og the institution such as the management cas of student administration, the teacher administration and employe hang financial administration. But ini IT operasional not working optimally and giving the level compesated for the user, this case is because of the level of complicated system , which used and currently computer technology and the system always grow in the time periods.

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This full age Blitar's region constitute poultry developer Region broiler chicken that big as barometer of petelur's poultry National. Developing and chicken breeding effort progress broiler chicken has experienced this effort step-up is brought off as effort that gets komersial's character and no longer one for hobby but if at evaluation of write-up makings facet corporate finance stills a lot of firm that haven't applied Accounting according to SAK. An benefit which expecting to help firm in determine depreciation on breeding alive asset chicken one corresponds to SAK aught. Observat

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PT. Samsung Elektronict is Indonesia constitutes big Television firm at The World and has extensive market compartment at Indonesia, nearly all Society circle know samsung's brand in various its product variation kususnya Television. To win business emulation on technological changed era this meteoric one, product quality is not again as trade goods which can at boast because each business agent can make qualified product. One and only attribute which is hard to be imitated is merk that strong. Firm or Product that have strong brand tending easier meets the need and wish correspond to

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Target of this research is : 1). Analysing what is capital employed variables, labour, office hours effusing and experience hace relation manifestly (signifikan) to efficacy of small industry of demerara in Countryside of Sambijajar, District Ngunut, Sub-Province Tulungagung, 2). Analysing what is variables of is amount of capital, labour, office hours effusing and experience by together have an effect on reality (signifikan) to efficacy of small industry of demerara in Countryside of Sambijajar, District Ngunut, Sub-Province Tulungagung. Variable in this research is classified into independe

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Dalam kondisi sosial dan ekonomi yang sangat diwarnai oleh peranan dunia usaha, maka mau tidak mau peran dan juga kedudukan koperasi dalam masyarakat akan sangat ditentukan oleh perannya dalam kegiatan usaha (bisnis). Kewirausahaan koperasian adalah suatu sikap mental positif dalam berusaha secara koperatif, dengan mengambil prakarsa inovatif serta keberanian mengambil risiko dan berpegang teguh pada prinsip identitas koperasi, dalam mewujudkan terpenuhinya kebutuhan nyata serta peningkatan kesejahteraan bersama.
Kewirausahaan dalam koperasi dapat dilakukan ole

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