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Abstract: This research aims to minimize the cost of cigarette distribution on the company
Sumber Djaja. The company SumberDjaja is a cigarette company orientated to the lower
middle market. The problems being faced by the company SumberDjaja is the high cost of
distributing products. This happens because their regular pattern of distribution from factory to
the market. Based on the problems above, the transportation analysis done for the optimal
allocation of the product so as to obtain optimum shipping costs. The stages of the
transportation analysis

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Abstract: home-scale industry is one of the driving wheels of the economy in Blitar Regency,
including coconut-palm sugar which has become an icon. This study determined the feasibility level of
coconut-palm sugar in Dayu and Sanandayu Village, Nglegok District, Blitar Regency used R / C ratio
and BEP. The results showed that the coconut-palm sugar in the two villages is feasible to develop and it
could sustain the economic needs of a family. The weakness of this industry found from the use of
technology which is still traditional, uncertain climate, as well

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Abstract: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has formed a new agreement called
ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The aim of AEC is to transform ASEAN into a single market and
production base that would have an impact on Indonesia agriculture. In this study we investigated three
selective major agricultural commodities, namely, sugar and soybean (as major imported staples), and
coffee (as a major export product). The aim of this paper is to have a first assessment of the Indonesian
economic performance in the era of facing the AEC integration amo

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